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Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men (Part IV): A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up

September 23rd, 2022

A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up!

Industry Story: Default or Design?

The story of an industry is often a tale more of default than design. That is,Guest Posting when we step back and trace the evolution of an industry, we typically see that things ‘are the way they are’, because that’s just how the dominoes have fallen. There was no sophisticated Master Plan, no conscious effort to steer things one way, or another – the pieces just seemingly fell into place.

This phenomenon – and a very common one at that – is, quite frankly, not always a problem. Not when the default designcontinues to run on sound business fundamentals of delivering customer value and generating worthwhile profit (in that order).

But when it’s not working – when the default design ends up harming an entire industry and its customers instead of helping it, then it’s more than a problem, it’s a Systemic Disaster! It not only deprives established industry players of the opportunity to excel and profit to their full potential, but at the same time, it forces new industry entrants to adopt the dysfunctional habits, strategies and philosophies of those already operating in that space.

In short: when the default approach to business isn’t working, it robs everyone involved – from those who sell, to those who buy. We’ve heard of win win scenarios. Well, this is a lose lose scenario. And one of the costliest places that this systemic problem rears its ugly head, is none other than the Beauty Industry.

The Modular Home Industry – Taking the Home Construction Lead

March 15th, 2022

How The Modular Home Industry In becoming User-Friendly

In the early days of the modular home industry, home manufacturers would often use materials which simply were hard to find from traditional home construction materials suppliers. Some of these materials were chosen because they could be adapted to the assembly line approach to building modular home modules.

But with the enormous advances in all building materials which the past twenty years have brought, the modular home industry now has access to the same materials, and can use the same tools, as congenital home builders use. Being able to manufacture homes with mainstream materials has given a tremendous lift to the modular home industry’s business.

The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

One of the more surprising developments in home construction is that the equipment once used only by the modular home industry has now been adopted for use in every area of traditional home construction, as general contractors realize it will help them become more efficient in their own home construction efforts. So modular home construction and traditional home construction now resemble each other more closely than at any time in their past.

One of the techniques which originated with the modular home industry which has found favor among many general contractors is the efficient framing method found in modular home manufacturing facilities. The modular home industry was the first to develop the advanced fasteners which are now regularly used by thousands of traditional home construction companies. These fastener systems greatly reduce the time it takes to frame a traditional home.

Slow To Change

When the modular home industry began to develop its advanced finishing materials and and fasteners, they were largely ignored by the traditional home construction companies because they did not meet the accepted standards for materials and fasteners which the construction business had used in the past. The traditional construction standards called for materials which could withstand outdoor conditions, while the fasteners and materials made for the modular home industry were used only in an indoor factory setting.